Trent Stocking- Owner, Creator

Trent began working with metal at a young age making teeth with his dad. He quickly learned that he loved working with metal and worked hard to learn all aspects of the trade. His keen eye for detail soon lead him to find work in the Alchemist Sculpture Foundry where he perfected his welding, sculpting, and metal finishing skills.

In addition to working with metal, Trent has enjoyed working on bikes for as long back as he can remember. He was the go-to fix-it guy in Kalamazoo and always had a graveyard of bikes and bike parts in his backyard or basement. In the fall of 2007 Trent attended a 2 week frame building workshop with Doug Fattic in Niles, MI where he designed and fabricated his first custom bike frame. He learned all aspects of designing, fitting, and completing a custom frame.

While working at the foundry, Trent designed and made belt buckles by sculpting them out of wax and casting them in bronze. He came up with the idea to take pieces from his bike graveyard and turn them into something new and functional. As a belt buckle man, his first project was to fashion bike chain into buckles. He wanted a way to prevent the buckles from rusting and to give them a more finished look so he looked into powder coating. Since the project began, Trent has come a long way with the design and look of his completed buckles and has added a ton of additional handmade and unique products to his store. In addition to up-cycling bicycle parts, Trent makes unique and one of a kind stainless pieces.